Planting Optimism in Monsanto

Planting Optimism in Monsanto

I know full well that saying anything remotely positive about Monsanto ($MON) will likely get me in trouble. But, frankly, I can’t resist.

I get that there are ongoing controversies surrounding this company — from Monsanto’s genetically enhanced seeds to what many believe are the company’s unfair pricing tactics, which has soured the company’s relationship with farmers. But things are getting better.

Contrary to what several readers believe, I’ve never discounted that these matters were real. In fact, I’ve been a huge advocate and a facilitator of these sorts of discussions. However, unlike most, I also understand there are always two sides to every story.

In these accounts, I don’t believe that Monsanto has received a fair trial in the court of public opinion. The company’s recent third-quarter earnings report serves as perfect evidence.

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